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1 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: Marion J Larkin / Sheila Joann Hemminger (FG6814)
2 "camp fever", probably typhoid fever Custis, John Parke (IE1440)
3 "general debility"; newspaper article said death was on Saturday (Sep 12), record of burial states Sep 13 Tipler, Allen Alfred (IG2)
4 "inflammatory quinsy"; inflamed throat after spent a day riding on his farms in foul weather, had trouble breathing at 2am, died at midnight; aged 68 years Washington, George (IE1315)
5 "sleeping sickness"; aged 7m Van Hemelryk, Alfred (IG8824)
6 "Wisconsin, Marriages, 1836-1930," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 20 Jan 2014), Anthony Barabe (parents Narcisse Barabe and Adelaide Sanocur) and Delia Dyrval (parents Philip Durval and Racine), 03 May 1898. Family: Anton Barabe / Delia C Darval (FG1016)
7 #1 of 4 husbands for Bea; father of her children Family: Merritt Schuyler (Bud) Jones / Bernice Geneva (Bea) Brekhus (FL1342)
8 #29 in Vestre Slidre parish book Røvang, Tomas Alfsen (IL1972)
9 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: Ross Andrew Brown, III / Nancy Kaye Hammons (FS197)
10 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Ahlberg, Martin (IG3460)
11 10 mos; dysentery Drongeson, Walter (IG5759)
12 12th of 13 children Lee, Bonnie Mae (IL3475)
13 12th or 27th Medlock, John Wesley Jr (IL3880)
14 13 Feb 1937 Ironwood Daily Globe newspaper announcement gives this date; they are to live in Battle Creek where he has an interior decorating business; date might have been a cover for pregnancy Family: Jack Walter Meredith / Cecelia Lillian (Ceil) Pohl (FG916)
15 15 Oct 1851 was date given on death record Lequia, Marie Célina (IG5)
16 1898 års födelsebok för Alnö församling i Medelpads kontrakt, harnösands stift V.Norrlands län Rosenholm, Erik Gunnar (IG5222)
17 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: Paul Lester Cleaveland / Eleanor M Albrecht (FG2222)
18 1st for him, 2nd for her (widow); honeymooned in Honolulu Family: John Fletcher Gumm / Anna Christine (Alice) Sexe (FL904)
19 1st marriage for both and both living in Long Beach; witnessed by William J Penrose and Helen Penrose (father and sister); ended in divorce before 1945 Family: John Joseph Sukane / Emily Hattie Penrose (FL91)
20 1st marriage for both; he a druggist Family: Abraham R (Adrian Robert) Caudle / Annie Elizabeth Carter (FL2208)
21 1st marriage for her; 2nd for him (widower) Family: Harry Charles Chilcot / Mabel Carol Passinault (FG80)
22 2 miles west of Arlington, at residence (farm); hypertension, Brights disease, myocarditis Fanning, John Forrest (IS130)
23 21 Grud Peaschek, Brygeda (Bridget) (IL9675)
24 21 Oct 1885 or Aug 1884, depending upon which obit you read Family: Thomas Delaney / Bridget B Powers (FE897)
25 24 Nisan 5694 (Jewish Calendar) Lelansky, Louis (IL12132)
26 29 Sep 1857 is from death records, but 1861 census indicates must be later Lequia, Henry (IG1169)
27 2nd for her, 3rd for him; as CH Sexy and Gargena O Hansen (Mansager Hanson), ages 71 and 36; she has 2 young children from previous marriage Family: Christen Helljeson Sexe / Georgena Olava Olsen (FL541)
28 2nd for him, first for her Family: Emery Davis Potter, Jr / Melissa Kollock Watkins (FG1042)
29 2nd marriage for both Family: Eugene Laneville / Celina Ringuette (FG449)
30 2nd marriage for both - she a widow, he divorced Family: Ole T Cragwick / Camilla Helseth (FL375)
31 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: Arthur Benoit Eklof / Edith Lorraine Sarra (FE2625)
32 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: Harold E Oden / Joan Olive Hebert (FG3272)
33 2nd marriage for both; he age 53, she 50 ; ceremony performed by Joseph H Goff Family: S Archibald Wyers / Cindrilla Bush (FS458)
34 2nd marriage for both; he widowed, she divorced Family: Sollie Richard Lehman / Mitzi Don (FL1146)
35 2nd marriage for Cyrus Family: Cyrus H Tipler / Elizabeth (Bessie) Crimble (FG714)
36 2nd marriage for him (enkeman/widowed), first for her (pige); at Norwegian Lutheran Church Family: Christen Helljeson Sexe / Martha Johannesdatter Kvestad (FL944)
37 2nd marriage for Katherine Frambach Gray Family: Anderson Francis Jones / Catherine M Frambach (FG771)
38 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: Gordon G Mashburn / Private (FE2825)
39 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: Fred Hammons, Jr / Glenda Dianne Smith (FS164)
40 3-car automobile accident; was on his way to the Boy Scout national jamboree in Niagara Falls, NY Holloway, Ray Frank (IL9116)
41 3-year fight with ovarian cancer Bretl, Cynthia R (IG8059)
42 30 Dec 1700/01 Family: Eldad Tupper / Martha Wheaton (FE229)
43 39y 10m 26d Olsen, Gurina (IL7613)
44 3rd for her; 2nd for him Family: William Whittal / Mattie D Hardin (FG2094)
45 3rd for him, 2nd? for her Family: Dolphus (Del) E Laneville / Jennie _____ (FG925)
46 4 days old Zelinski, Peter Michael (IL9682)
47 5 weeks old; died at home; mother found baby dead in his cradle 2.5 hours after giving him his night feeding; probably choked to death after spitting up vomit in sleep; had been colicky the previous day Poisson, Robert Lawrence (IG6928)
48 50th wedding anniversary in Jan 1949 Family: Frank P LaQua / Catherine Butz (FG7259)
49 55y 4m 14d Swedberg, Olaf August (Gust) (IG8194)
50 5h 40m after birth, at St Lukes Hospital Mestad, Baby Girl (IL12158)
51 5th child born to family; twin Lelansky, Jacob (IL12138)
52 60 years, 6 months 16 days Svensson, Anders (IG5429)
53 6th child born; twin Lelansky, Joseph (IL2040)
54 6th of 8 boys Holt, Bardinus P (IL6499)
55 7 mi NE of Velva, ND; no longer exists Hystad, Glenn Duane (IL7464)
56 7 Wrzes Peaschek, Brygeda (Bridget) (IL9675)
57 8th child born to Lewis and Esther (Sinker) Lilansky Lelansky, Eva (IL12137)
58 8th child born to mother Mosley, Queen Mae Belle (IS1298)
59 9 months old; pneumonia Smongeski, Roman (IL3067)
60 9th child born to mother Lascore, Mary Elizabeth (IL8735)
61 a town just north of Buffalo, NY Borthwick, Theodore Hudson (IE4429)
62 Aastad Lutheran Church Family: Knute E Hustad / Beda F Houge (FL1215)
63 Aberdeen Cemetery Olson, Claude Roland (IG5018)
64 aboard an ocean liner when his parents were en route to US from Poland Tadych, John Joseph (IL3056)
65 about 14 miles SW of Lowell, AZ Sovia, Karalee (IG2562)
66 about 62 years old Boyer, Marguerite (IG7731)
67 about 7 weeks old Aarhus, Knut Knutson (IL553)
68 Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery Torrance, Benjamin Greenwood Jr (IE2688)
69 abt 1990 or before Holter, Evelyn Mae (IG1067)
70 abt 75 years old; at the County Farm, where she had been an inmate since the death of her mother in 1908 Forsman, Susan (IG2802)
71 Acacia Park Page, Charles L (IG5042)
72 Acacia Park Cemetery Mazalewski, Bruno John (IL7082)
73 Acacia Park Cemetery Colman, Helen Juel (IG3780)
74 Acacia Park Cemetery Werder, Ella Josephine (IG5793)
75 Acacia Park Cemetery, Section Oak 9 16 1; cremated Colman, Winifred (IG3783)
76 Acacia Park Cemetery, Section Oak 9 16 1; cremated Mueller, Arnold T (IG4917)
77 Acacia Park Cemetery, Section Oak 9 16 3 Rurup, Marie H (IG5235)
78 Acacia Park Cemetery, Section Oak 9 16 4 Colman, Jesse L (IG3782)
79 Acacia Park Cemetery, Section Oak 9 17 5; cremation Page, Eugene Bryant (IG5047)
80 Acacia Park Cemetery, Section Oak 9 17 6 Bryant, Elizabeth (Bessie) (IG3701)
81 Acacia Park Cemetery, Section Oak 9 17 7; cremation Page, Ralph Bryant (IG5053)
82 Accident at his cotton gin; coat sleeve was caught between the wheels of a gristmill and it crushed him. Umphlet, William Franklin (IE860)
83 accident occurred on farm near Tom Bean on Sep 23; fracture of left tibia; contributory causes: exposure and chilling Strong, Homer L (IS151)
84 accident with horse wagon; thrown from wagon seat directly in front of the wheels; horses frightened, lurched forward so wheels went over his head, fracturing his skull; wagon was heavily loaded with items for new Polish Church in Two Rivers Borucki, Antoni (IL3062)
85 accident; pinned against wall of garage by car driven by husband Moran, Dolores Geraldine (IG5831)
86 accidental burn; fell into bucket of boiling water Posont, George (IG10074)
87 accidental death Neibauer, Rudolph (IG1368)
88 accidental death when loading logs Mayette, John D (IG10149)
89 accidental drowning Lyders, Joseph Elias (IL564)
90 accidental drowning in Fox River; fishing with friend August Mollen; both were excellent swimmers so felt the boat must have tipped and one died in an effort to save the other Van Berkel, George (IG6455)
91 accidental drowning in Lake Michigan Lequia, Ilene Marie (IG2507)
92 accidental drowning; body found by son Adrian in canal after search was organized when went missing for two days; believed lost his balance while walking along the wide of the canal and fell into the water Bevers, Leonard (IG6565)
93 accidental gun shot wound to lower stomach Server, Edward Hugh (IE1300)
94 accidental head injury; struck by automobile Bomar, Richard High (IE1793)
95 accidental house fire, along with husband Reeve, Lavonne Jean (IL8700)
96 accidental house fire, with wife Breuer, Robert Francis (IL8766)
97 accidental skull fracture; fell and hit head walking out of a tavern Bergstad, Glenn Aroy (IL5602)
98 accidentally killed at the crusher plant of the Maas mine Fish, Nelson John (IG9973)
99 acute appendicitis Lequia, Clara (IG2234)
100 acute bronchitis; acute appendicitis (operated); respiratory failure Hupy, Thomas Joseph (IG173)