What's New (past 2 days)

Any names listed below are not the ones that were most recently added to the site, but just the last individuals that happen to have been in the last GEDCOM file that was uploaded. Since I clear the tree and re-upload all individuals each time I have an update, any names shown in the list below are not indicative of additions made to the tree.

The last update was 19 Aug 2019, more than a full year after the previous update of May 2018.  While 694 new people were added over that year, I really haven't been working on this project that much.  As requests came in, I did a little bit of work on that particular area.  But uploading the files to this site had gotten difficult and I fell out of practice of doing it regularly.  And because I haven't done this on a regular basis, I messed myself up when I uploaded the files.  Literally, my person record is the one that got messed up, LOL.  But I fixed it, at least as much as needs to be fixed for now.  I hope to get back into a regular cycle now, uploading new files every month or so.