William Tipler

Male Abt 1793 - 1876  (~ 82 years)

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Sara Jane Tipler
Female 1866-1934
New chart
David M Miracle
Male 1864-1921
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Taisy May Tipler
Female 1872-1959
Charles W Becker
Male 1868-1953
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Robert Tipler
Male 1837-1921
Sarah Tipler
Female 1815-1876
Mary Ann Cole
Female 1845-1865
Arthur Cole
Male Abt 1877-
Bessie Cole
Female 1879-1971
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Harry M Cole
Male 1881-1973
Elma Pfenning
Female 1883-1962
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Grace Cole
Female 1885-1900
Edna Edith Cole
Female 1888-1956
Clyde Smith
Male Abt 1888-
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Vinnie Cole
Female 1895-1905
William Cole
Male 1847-1899
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Grace N Winegar
Female 1885-1975
Helen E Winegar
Female 1893-1984
Lester Yoder
Male 1892-1959
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Sarah Jane Cole
Female 1857-1938
Quincy D Winegar
Male 1855-1931
David Cole
Male 1859-1931
Edward Cole
Male Abt 1862-1926
Samuel Cole
Male 1820-1903
unnamed Tipler
-youngest child, died in infancy
Mary J Tipler
Female Abt 1871-
Alace Tipler
Female 1872-1872
Lucy Bell Reid
Female Abt 1884-
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John Tipler
Male 1842-1925
_____ Jones
Male -Bef 1922
Mary (Maria) Tipler
Female Abt 1846-Bef 1917
David Tipler, Jr
Male 1848-1917
Celia Blodgett
Female 1854-1946
Stella Tipler
Female Abt 1877-Bef 1962
Oscar Tipler
Male Abt 1879-
Jessie Tipler
Female Abt 1881-Bef 1962
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William Tipler
Male Abt 1850-1927
Elizabeth West
Female Abt 1856-
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Inez G Tipler
Female 1887-1969
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Laura Tipler
Female 1890-1891
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George Tipler
Male 1853-1943
Arthur R Tipler
Male After 1894; youngest child-
Lena Winneuger
Female Abt 1887-
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Edna Amelia Dyer
Female 1901-1981
Isaac Tipler
Male 1856-1928
Mary Johnson
Female 1815-1859
Ann Tipler
Female Abt 1819-1893
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Homer Rich
Male 1882-
William H Davis
Male 1855-Abt 1903
Emma M Pinning
Female Abt 1861-
Barr Pinning
Male 1819-1903
Mary Ann Tipler
Female 1851-1922
Frank Lee Tipler
Male 1881-1971
Alma Pope
Female 1884-1961
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Augusta Ehlers
Female 1892-1975
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unnamed Tipler
Ella Erlandson
Female 1898-1985
Mabel G Thompson
Female Abt 1876-
Walter H Pearson
Male Abt 1876-
New chart
William Thompson
Male Abt 1879-
Sarah Thompson
Female Abt 1884-
Susan M Tipler
Female 1857-1902
Marvel Tipler
Female Abt 1903-
Harry D Tipler
Male 1905-1973
New chart
William D Tipler, III
Male Abt 1863-1946
Pearl Maud Parks
Female Abt 1876-1938
Robert Tipler
Male 1895-1895
Cyrus H Tipler
Male 1867-1906
Mina Sarah Brien
Female 1870-1898
Mary A Tipler
Female 1903-1973
Errol G Barnes
Male 1901-1975
Emma Lavina Fish
Female 1869-1945
New chart
Alfred K Smith
Male Abt 1899-
Alfred J Smith
Male Abt 1865-1929
John Tipler
Male 1824-1911
Martha _____
Female 1825-1901
Harold H Tipler
Male Abt 1906-
Edward H Tipler
Male 1854-1916
Elizabeth Tipler
Female Abt 1856-Bef 1916
Myrtle A Tipler
Female 1900-1975
New chart
Herman W Tipler
Male Abt 1863-1940
Anne Laura Vredenburgh
Female Abt 1863-1921
George E Briggs
Male Abt 1887-
Edna M Briggs
Female Abt 1891-
Carrie L Tipler
Female Abt 1868-
Eben P Briggs
Male 1854-1926
George Tipler
Male 1827-1904
Rebecca Sharp
Female 1829-1902
Helen Tipler
Female 1859-1915
Ira Johnston Tipler
Male Abt 1862-1940
Addie B Nye
Female 1867-1942
Ray M Thompson
Male Abt 1889-
Lucy E Thompson
Female Abt 1891-
Bessie Thompson
Male Abt 1898-
Mamie Thompson
Female Abt 1905-
Clara May Tipler
Female 1866-1935
Elmer E Thompson
Male 1862-1928
Mary N.Y. Tipler
Female 1869-1870
Edward Care
Male 1897-1977
Ethel Care
Female Abt 1901-
Thelma Care
Female Abt 1904-
Lula A Cumings
Female 1876-1954
Charles H Tipler
Male Abt 1910-
Frank E Payne
Female Abt 1888-1910
Jessie M Tipler
Female 1877-1877
Isaac Tipler
Male 1830-1901
Edward Tipler
Male 1833-1873
New chart
William Tipler
Male Abt 1793-1876
Mary Newyear Gibson
Female Abt 1791-1859