Indiana, USA



Latitude: 39.775, Longitude: -85.5584


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 _____, Carrie E  Abt Dec 1860Indiana, USA IL5649
2 _____, Francis  Abt 1856Indiana, USA IL1040
3 _____, Lottie  Abt 1896Indiana, USA IE4101
4 _____, Mary  Feb 1843Indiana, USA IG918
5 _____, Sarah  Abt 1869Indiana, USA IL7250
6 Akers, John M  30 Dec 1830Indiana, USA IL10845
7 Alexander, Lida E  Abt Oct 1864Indiana, USA IL5055
8 Alsup, Charles Floyd  20 Sep 1888Indiana, USA IE3222
9 Ames, David Jackson  Abt Jun 1849Indiana, USA IG3489
10 Ames, Ezra J  Abt 1853Indiana, USA IG3492
11 Aylesworth, Anna  15 Dec 1891Indiana, USA IE1683
12 Babe, Delores Jean  30 Jan 1935Indiana, USA IS176
13 Babe, Edward William Jr  14 Jan 1931Indiana, USA IS380
14 Babe, Gertrude H  1909Indiana, USA IS978
15 Babe, Ronald Clark   IS168
16 Baldwin, Frank C  Abt 1883Indiana, USA IL3373
17 Bianchini, Gary Vincent   IG10352
18 Blanchard, Samuel Alonzo  17 Feb 1872Indiana, USA IG103
19 Brandon, Rachel  1878Indiana, USA IL6189
20 Britton, Francis L  Abt 1847Indiana, USA IL9214
21 Bullock, Gilbert  Abt 1852Indiana, USA IL3644
22 Bullock, Simeon  Abt 1851Indiana, USA IL4023
23 Cameron, Henry Clay  22 Jun 1825Indiana, USA IG8467
24 Cheley, Virginia R   IL588
25 Church, Elizabeth  Abt 1851Indiana, USA IG2495
26 Church, Isaac W  Abt Apr 1841Indiana, USA IG1779
27 Coakley, James Joseph  Abt 1886Indiana, USA IG10494
28 Cole, Arthur  Abt Jul 1877Indiana, USA IG3275
29 Cole, Marian Elizabeth   IG1956
30 Cole, Richard William   IG1955
31 Colman, Amos  Jan 1842Indiana, USA IG3776
32 Crosley, Fannie  Abt 1857Indiana, USA IE3970
33 Dickey, Clyde Otis  1886Indiana, USA IE2298
34 Dickey, Marsha Kay   IE2902
35 Dutter, Charlotte   IL3238
36 Dutter, Gordon   IL3240
37 Dutter, Ivan Keith   IL3239
38 Frazier, May  Abt 1884Indiana, USA IG7952
39 Garriott, Arthur D  18 Jan 1914Indiana, USA IG8730
40 Gates, Cynthia Hemenway  14 Jan 1911Indiana, USA IL5706
41 Gates, Marjorie   IL5593
42 Hays, Violet O   IS984
43 Hemenway, Jamie E  Abt Oct 1897Indiana, USA IL5444
44 Hippelheuser, Charlotte  Abt Nov 1899Indiana, USA IG6159
45 Hippelheuser, Karl F  20 Jul 1901Indiana, USA IG6209
46 Howell, Hazel  Indiana, USA IG9239
47 Howes, Kate  6 Sep 1840Indiana, USA IE4103
48 Kennett, Fletcher  Abt Nov 1844Indiana, USA IG1162
49 Kincheloe, Wendell J  19 Jun 1874Indiana, USA IE2156
50 Kneller, Emil  Abt 1890Indiana, USA IG8010
51 Kneller, Louis E   IG7996
52 Kneller, Robert E  9 Feb 1924Indiana, USA IG7841
53 Kopp, Kalcie Owen  6 Jun 1901Indiana, USA IL1075
54 Kosanke, Lena  1893Indiana, USA IE4313
55 Kreigh, Edgar Daley  8 Mar 1900Indiana, USA IL9638
56 Lear, Elvina  Abt Oct 1874Indiana, USA IG6118
57 Lear, Malinda Alice  Jul 1871Indiana, USA IG6188
58 Lear, Sarah Elizabeth  2 Jan 1878Indiana, USA IG6140
59 Leland, Ellsworth  Abt 1893Indiana, USA IG9116
60 Leland, Francis M  19 Jan 1850Indiana, USA IG9323
61 Lindsey, Susan Jane  Abt 1829Indiana, USA IS146
62 Loghry, George Eldredge  4 Jun 1842Indiana, USA IG6353
63 Maroc, Charles  Abt 1880Indiana, USA IS986
64 Maroc, Helen  22 Feb 1911Indiana, USA IS374
65 Martin, Nancy Ann  8 Jul 1851Indiana, USA IL11505
66 Mattingly, Lillian C  Abt 1896Indiana, USA IE1498
67 McQuisten, Christofer  Indiana, USA IG6846
68 McQuisten, William S  7 Feb 1848Indiana, USA IG6857
69 Nance, Elizabeth (Lizzie)  May 1874Indiana, USA IL2593
70 Ness, Wayne   IL9983
71 Newlin, Hiram  Indiana, USA IL11516
72 Noble, Kathleen  11 Jun 1895Indiana, USA IL9986
73 Nusbaum, Anna  Abt 1871Indiana, USA IL3496
74 Oden, George  Indiana, USA IG9082
75 Olsen, Ruth Louise   IL716
76 Outlaw, Robert C  Abt 1829Indiana, USA IE1761
77 Parrott, John B  2 Apr 1839Indiana, USA IG8789
78 Patrick, Joseph  9 Nov 1819Indiana, USA IL377
79 Peel, Addison E  4 Apr 1874Indiana, USA IL10475
80 Peel, Charles  Abt 1866Indiana, USA IL10146
81 Peel, George W  Abt 1869Indiana, USA IL10262
82 Peel, Walter  Abt 1862Indiana, USA IL10178
83 Peel, William  Abt 1865Indiana, USA IL10258
84 Pfenning, Hubert E  Apr 1890Indiana, USA IG2314
85 Pfenning, Myrtie  Apr 1886Indiana, USA IG2313
86 Philliber, Clinton  Abt Apr 1839Indiana, USA IG5938
87 Powell, Charles  20 Feb 1836Indiana, USA IL6641
88 Poyser, Court  Abt 1845Indiana, USA IG927
89 Poyser, Harley  Feb 1888Indiana, USA IG914
90 Poyser, Harley J  22 Nov 1909Indiana, USA IG566
91 Redmon, Jackson  Abt 1841Indiana, USA IS1039
92 Redmon, Jonathon Morgan  11 Feb 1839Indiana, USA IS655
93 Redmon, Mary E  Abt 1834Indiana, USA IS653
94 Reynolds, Ruth  Indiana, USA IL11515
95 Ross, James  Abt 1890Indiana, USA IL11716
96 Routh, E O  Abt 1868Indiana, USA IS850
97 Sabin, Oscar  Abt 1868Indiana, USA IE2863
98 Saur, Ada E  Abt Jan 1873Indiana, USA IL10060
99 Saur, Pearl Frank  10 Aug 1874Indiana, USA IL10462
100 Shiel, Anna F  7 Feb 1890Indiana, USA IG10493

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cole, Mary Ann  24 Sep 1865Indiana, USA IG875
2 Cole, William Henry  6 Dec 1865Indiana, USA IG828
3 Lear, Sarah Elizabeth  12 Mar 1903Indiana, USA IG6140
4 McFarland, Jemima  1850Indiana, USA IL4019
5 Peel, George W  15 Dec 1925Indiana, USA IL10294
6 Ragan, George  27 Feb 1912Indiana, USA IL4017
7 Sharkey, John Joseph (Jack)  10 Oct 1969Indiana, USA IG7652
8 Tipler, Sarah  3 Sep 1876Indiana, USA IG2261


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Denby / Orr  18 Mar 1895Indiana, USA FE2724
2 Johnson / Hippelheuser  5 Jun 1919Indiana, USA FG2118