Lincolnshire, England



Latitude: 53.2297, Longitude: -1.2222


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gibson, Isaac  Abt Oct 1775Lincolnshire, England IG11446
2 Middlebrook, Anna  Abt 1834Lincolnshire, England IG12089
3 Middlebrook, Edward  Abt 1836Lincolnshire, England IG12090
4 Middlebrook, Frederick  Abt 1838Lincolnshire, England IG12091
5 Middlebrook, Henry  1841Lincolnshire, England IG12092
6 Middlebrook, Tipler  Abt 1832Lincolnshire, England IG12088
7 Pinning, Barr  Jun 1819Lincolnshire, England IG3010
8 Thacker, Rebecca  Abt 1777Lincolnshire, England IG1061
9 Tipler, Ann  Abt Nov 1819Lincolnshire, England IG2262
10 Tipler, Cornelius  Abt Apr 1830Lincolnshire, England IG11946
11 Tipler, Edward  Abt Mar 1803Lincolnshire, England IG11430
12 Tipler, George  Abt Oct 1798Lincolnshire, England IG11434
13 Tipler, Isaac  Feb 1810Lincolnshire, England IG11429
14 Tipler, Isaac  30 Jun 1856Lincolnshire, England IG972
15 Tipler, John  Nov 1796Lincolnshire, England IG11433
16 Tipler, John  18 Dec 1824Lincolnshire, England IG439
17 Tipler, Sarah  Oct 1807Lincolnshire, England IG11432
18 Tipler, Thomas  Dec 1800Lincolnshire, England IG11431
19 Tipler, William Jr  1 Mar 1821Lincolnshire, England IG2259