Oklahoma, USA


Latitude: 35.2917, Longitude: -98.2583


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 _____, Pansy Lee  Abt 1910Oklahoma, USA IL9304
2 Bay, Cecil R  7 Feb 1908Oklahoma, USA IG12189
3 Bay, Willis Otto  2 Sep 1910Oklahoma, USA IG12190
4 Bell, _____  Abt 1909Oklahoma, USA IL11939
5 Bell, Aaron  Abt 1901Oklahoma, USA IL11936
6 Bell, Lee M  Abt 1905Oklahoma, USA IL11937
7 Bell, Maisie  Abt 1907Oklahoma, USA IL11938
8 Buchanan, Juanita   IL11923
9 Burnette, Moses A  12 May 1903Oklahoma, USA IL11867
10 Burnette, Myrtle  Abt 1901Oklahoma, USA IL11874
11 Burnette, Violet  20 Sep 1905Oklahoma, USA IL11868
12 Colman, Helen Juel  28 Mar 1906Oklahoma, USA IG3780
13 Colman, Winifred  20 Jun 1904Oklahoma, USA IG3783
14 Cook, John Dale   IL3274
15 Cook, Ted   IL3365
16 Foreman, Wayne  Abt 1910Oklahoma, USA IG6447
17 Foresman, Billie Mac   IG6748
18 Foresman, Blanche C  Abt Aug 1898Oklahoma, USA IG6631
19 Foresman, Charles E  Abt 1903Oklahoma, USA IG6630
20 Foresman, Charles J   IG6747
21 Foresman, Pauline  Abt 1905Oklahoma, USA IG6633
22 Gleason, Henrietta  Abt 1891Oklahoma, USA IL9281
23 Gleason, Libbie  22 Mar 1885Oklahoma, USA IL9196
24 Gleason, Thomas  Abt 1895Oklahoma, USA IL9279
25 Godwin, Cleo   IL11303
26 Guetterman, Bettie   IL11891
27 Hallum, Awynne   IG11923
28 Harkness, Juanita Lee  1909Oklahoma, USA IL11302
29 Hearitige, Henry Byrl   IS275
30 Hearitige, Ruth   IS842
31 Hodge, Alvin T   IL11889
32 Hodge, Elmer F  Abt 1907Oklahoma, USA IL11886
33 Hodge, Genevieve E   IL11888
34 Hodge, Leota W  Abt 1910Oklahoma, USA IL11887
35 Hodge, Lucille   IL11892
36 Hodge, Mary Jane  Abt 1876Oklahoma, USA IL11318
37 Kessinger, Dorothy   IS838
38 Kessinger, Elza Leon  Abt 1910Oklahoma, USA IS908
39 Kessinger, James   IS965
40 Kessinger, Jewel W   IS940
41 Kessinger, L D   IS936
42 Kessinger, Leroy   IS840
43 Kessinger, Vestal   IS834
44 Layne, Charles P   IL9301
45 Layne, John Cabell  Abt 1905Oklahoma, USA IL9332
46 Layne, Robert Lenwood  23 Dec 1932Oklahoma, USA IL9303
47 Layne, Thomas Lenwood  Abt 1906Oklahoma, USA IL9099
48 Marshall, Thelma Bertha   IE295
49 Mckee, Charles L  Abt 1889Oklahoma, USA IL11845
50 McKee, Charlie   IL11869
51 McKee, Gussie   IL11870
52 McKee, Mary Lou   IL3291
53 Neidorf, Joshua Brandon   IL2965
54 Orcutt, Alvin  Abt 1890Oklahoma, USA IL11917
55 Orcutt, Christina  Abt 1899Oklahoma, USA IL11933
56 Orcutt, David  Abt 1895Oklahoma, USA IL11919
57 Orcutt, Guy  Abt 1905Oklahoma, USA IL11930
58 Orcutt, Lila M  Abt 1902Oklahoma, USA IL11910
59 Orcutt, Ollie  Abt 1897Oklahoma, USA IL11920
60 Orcutt, Pearl  Abt 1907Oklahoma, USA IL11931
61 Orcutt, Winnie M  Abt 1905Oklahoma, USA IL11911
62 Plummer, Chester M   IL11307
63 Plummer, Merlin   IL11308
64 Price, Velma L   IL5821
65 Renner, Gertie May   IS1344
66 Renner, Perry  4 Dec 1909Oklahoma, USA IS1000
67 Renner, Willie F  Abt 1906Oklahoma, USA IS1308
68 Skaggs, Jack R   IE1009
69 Skaggs, Katherine S   IE460
70 Synnott, Mary  Abt Oct 1892Oklahoma, USA IE3044
71 Thompson, Aubrey O  Abt 1895Oklahoma, USA IL12007
72 Tomlinson, Elizabeth   IE4398
73 Tomlinson, Ruth   IE4396
74 Warner, Rosa L  Abt 1864Oklahoma, USA IL11922


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Foreman, Wayne  1937Oklahoma, USA IG6447
2 Foresman, Pauline  1917Oklahoma, USA IG6633
3 Foresman, William A  1938Oklahoma, USA IG2235
4 Hodge, May  1918Oklahoma, USA IL11244
5 Jack, Mary Ann  1882Oklahoma, USA IL11249
6 Layne, _____  Abt 1908Oklahoma, USA IL9118
7 Phillips, Mary  25 Jan 1944Oklahoma, USA IS309
8 Warner, Rosa L  23 Jul 1922Oklahoma, USA IL11922