South Carolina, USA



Latitude: 33.6375, Longitude: -80.0833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 _____, Mabel  Oct 1876South Carolina, USA IE184
2 _____, Margaret  Abt 1843South Carolina, USA IE1684
3 _____, Mary  Dec 1847South Carolina, USA IE1303
4 Arnold, Jefferson  Abt 1836South Carolina, USA IE2179
5 Benson, Esther  Abt 1831South Carolina, USA IE1062
6 Benson, Rebecca  Abt 1838South Carolina, USA IE330
7 Benson, Thomas  Abt 1835South Carolina, USA IE1071
8 Benton, _____  South Carolina, USA IS254
9 Blackburn, Clark Waring  Abt 1909South Carolina, USA IE3525
10 Blackburn, Malvina Waring (Mallie)  30 Jun 1905South Carolina, USA IE3561
11 Blasingame, David W  1816South Carolina, USA IE200
12 Blasingame, James  Abt 1836South Carolina, USA IE275
13 Blasingame, Mary O  Abt 1832South Carolina, USA IE1965
14 Blasingame, Perthenia  12 Feb 1810South Carolina, USA IE1269
15 Blassingame, Benjamin Franklin  16 Dec 1823South Carolina, USA IE219
16 Blassingame, Emmala Butler  30 Jun 1834South Carolina, USA IE2113
17 Blassingame, James  May 1888South Carolina, USA IE2874
18 Blassingame, Jennie F  Abt May 1884South Carolina, USA IE2875
19 Blassingame, John H Jr  19 May 1769South Carolina, USA IE1050
20 Blassingame, Martha Elizabeth  Abt 1837South Carolina, USA IE2706
21 Blassingame, Nancy  Abt Mar 1856South Carolina, USA IE1494
22 Blassingame, Nancy Easley  15 Jan 1805South Carolina, USA IE252
23 Blassingame, Rankin E  Abt Dec 1873South Carolina, USA IE1922
24 Blassingame, William  1821South Carolina, USA IE1251
25 Bomar, Amie Killian  19 Oct 1882South Carolina, USA IE2314
26 Bomar, Benjamin Franklin  1818South Carolina, USA IE3137
27 Bomar, Junius Oglesby  24 Nov 1876South Carolina, USA IE2849
28 Bomar, Louise Blasingame  24 May 1885South Carolina, USA IE2770
29 Bowen, Eva  Abt 1871South Carolina, USA IE779
30 Broadus, Caroline  21 Feb 1863South Carolina, USA IE60
31 Brown, Sheriff H  Abt Oct 1847South Carolina, USA IE2495
32 Brown, William W  Abt Jul 1889South Carolina, USA IE2538
33 Casey, James F  Abt 1904South Carolina, USA IE3152
34 Cheves, Charles M  Sep 1894South Carolina, USA IE1135
35 Cheves, Charlotte B  Nov 1890South Carolina, USA IE1134
36 Cheves, Henry C Jr.  Apr 1889South Carolina, USA IE653
37 Cheves, Langdon McCord  Abt 1899South Carolina, USA IE703
38 Choice, Eliza  Abt 1878South Carolina, USA IE2024
39 Choice, Harriet (Hattie)  15 Feb 1890South Carolina, USA IE2496
40 Choice, Mary  Abt Apr 1888South Carolina, USA IE2497
41 Colcock, Edith  Abt 1879South Carolina, USA IE2913
42 Colcock, William H  Abt 1852South Carolina, USA IE2196
43 Crayton, Julian B.  20 Sep 1875South Carolina, USA IE1256
44 Crayton, Lizzeve  24 Jan 1877South Carolina, USA IE690
45 Crayton, Maxwell Sloan  Abt 1879South Carolina, USA IE1257
46 Crayton, Nan  24 Nov 1873South Carolina, USA IE789
47 Crayton, Thomas S  28 Jan 1826South Carolina, USA IE1084
48 Crayton, Thomas S.  20 Jul 1860South Carolina, USA IE535
49 Crumpton, Archie A  Abt 1898South Carolina, USA IE979
50 Crumpton, Margret L  Abt 1902South Carolina, USA IE868
51 Crumpton, Samuel Randolph  Abt 1857South Carolina, USA IE1259
52 Crumpton, Sidney Randolph  25 Oct 1908South Carolina, USA IE673
53 Davis, Cornelia M  Jun 1870South Carolina, USA IE150
54 Davis, Hannah  Abt 1865South Carolina, USA IE1012
55 Davis, Helen K  Dec 1871South Carolina, USA IE149
56 Davis, Isabel A  Jun 1878South Carolina, USA IE143
57 Davis, J. A.  Abt 1878South Carolina, USA IE1011
58 Davis, Lucy McIver  30 Sep 1861South Carolina, USA IE536
59 Davis, Marion Cecil  Abt 1909South Carolina, USA IE2500
60 Davis, Zimmerman  Feb 1876South Carolina, USA IE144
61 Doar, Elias M  Abt 1811South Carolina, USA IE881
62 Doar, Sarah C  Feb 1840South Carolina, USA IE1238
63 Dubose, Elizabeth Shannon  1892South Carolina, USA IE88
64 Dubose, Frances Easley Shannon  8 May 1925South Carolina, USA IE670
65 Earle, Caroline  1853South Carolina, USA IE1053
66 Earle, Edward  1849South Carolina, USA IE372
67 Earle, Elias  Mar 1855South Carolina, USA IE1112
68 Earle, Emma  Abt 1862South Carolina, USA IE811
69 Earle, John  1851South Carolina, USA IE1261
70 Earle, Richard  Abt 1868South Carolina, USA IE809
71 Earle, Sarah (Sally)  Abt 1864South Carolina, USA IE810
72 Earle, Thompson  1857South Carolina, USA IE912
73 Easley, Caroline  May 1866South Carolina, USA IE844
74 Easley, Caroline   IE308
75 Easley, Harriet Fraser   IE313
76 Easley, Martha A  8 Jan 1832South Carolina, USA IE102
77 Easley, Mary  May 1864South Carolina, USA IE843
78 Easley, Mary (Mamie) Pawnee  3 Aug 1849South Carolina, USA IE61
79 Easley, Mary Elizabeth  13 Nov 1829South Carolina, USA IE104
80 Easley, Nancy Blassingame  2 May 1853South Carolina, USA IE725
81 Easley, Robert White  25 Jan 1828South Carolina, USA IE107
82 Easley, Thrace  15 Apr 1868South Carolina, USA IE841
83 Edmondson, Sarah  1789South Carolina, USA IE1194
84 Elford, Sarah Charlotte (Sallie)  10 May 1851South Carolina, USA IE2044
85 Elford, Thomas Jarman  6 Feb 1824South Carolina, USA IE2630
86 Evans, Rhoda  21 Jul 1805South Carolina, USA IE3941
87 Evins, Emmala Ward   IE1946
88 Evins, Martha Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1869South Carolina, USA IE3082
89 Evins, Samuel Nesbitt  27 Aug 1797South Carolina, USA IE2240
90 Evins, Thomas Earle  Abt 1868South Carolina, USA IE2684
91 Evins, Thomas Moore  26 Apr 1875South Carolina, USA IE1702
92 Field, Mary Obedience  10 Feb 1833South Carolina, USA IE1613
93 Field, William Thomas  11 Dec 1836South Carolina, USA IE1593
94 Fraser, Alice Julia  30 Dec 1884South Carolina, USA IE429
95 Gregg, James  1752South Carolina, USA IE621
96 Gresham, Ernest  Feb 1899South Carolina, USA IE942
97 Gresham, George  Dec 1897South Carolina, USA IE1097
98 Gresham, Julia Sloan  27 Feb 1887South Carolina, USA IE194
99 Hamilton, Leticia  South Carolina, USA IE3038
100 Harrison, Ann Eliza  1810South Carolina, USA IE3772

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blasingame, Perthenia  12 Sep 1882South Carolina, USA IE1269
2 Blassingame, Carr  Abt 1858South Carolina, USA IE937
3 Easley, John Allen Sr  16 Apr 1864South Carolina, USA IE19
4 Field, Joseph Anderson  3 Mar 1842South Carolina, USA IE1540
5 Hyde, Lila Gale  30 Jul 1997South Carolina, USA IE862
6 Majors, Susannah (Susan)  5 Sep 1853South Carolina, USA IE378
7 Maxwell, Sarah  28 Jul 1904South Carolina, USA IE42
8 Norment, Frank Eugene  30 Mar 1894South Carolina, USA IE728
9 Watson, Anne  29 May 1976South Carolina, USA IE949
10 Yoer, Jacob Samuel  12 Oct 1811South Carolina, USA IE943


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Davis / McIver  10 Nov 1857South Carolina, USA FE185
2 Earle / Ioor  20 Jul 1848South Carolina, USA FE398
3 Evins / Holcombe  1866South Carolina, USA FE588
4 House / Wilkinson   FE2771
5 Sloan / Blassingame  23 Sep 1823South Carolina, USA FE73
6 Sloan / Earle  Sep 1822South Carolina, USA FE153
7 Sloan / Easley  Abt 1853South Carolina, USA FE37