South Dakota, USA



Latitude: 44.4361, Longitude: -100.2305


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albrecht, Gerald Jerome  24 Sep 1925South Dakota, USA IG3468
2 Albrecht, Lois   IG3471
3 Albrecht, Marcus   IG3472
4 Albrecht, Paul   IG3475
5 Anderson, Gene G   IL7717
6 Anderson, Gerald G   IL7678
7 Anderson, Raymond R   IL8718
8 Anderson, Verona Irene  29 Apr 1924South Dakota, USA IL7730
9 Archer, Joann   IG6323
10 Archer, Martin Harry   IG6173
11 Archer, Ruth   IG6324
12 Austin, Harry C  Abt 1882South Dakota, USA IG11175
13 Bailey, Reva F   IG10519
14 Baker, Lucile  Abt 1902South Dakota, USA IL7680
15 Berdahl, Martha  16 Feb 1896South Dakota, USA IL681
16 Bishman, Eileen M   IL7949
17 Boll, Lydia  Abt 1904South Dakota, USA IL7835
18 Bork, James   IL2721
19 Bork, Joann Ruth  11 Jan 1929South Dakota, USA IL2720
20 Bothwell, David Leroy   IL8836
21 Bothwell, Dewain   IL8867
22 Bothwell, Doris M   IL8752
23 Bothwell, Mary   IL8757
24 Bothwell, Max   IL8895
25 Braaten, Esther  Abt Mar 1895South Dakota, USA IL8591
26 Braaten, Gertie   IL7850
27 Braaten, Julia  Abt Apr 1894South Dakota, USA IL8084
28 Braaten, Knudt  Abt Feb 1890South Dakota, USA IL8087
29 Braaten, Lillian M   IL8010
30 Braaten, Mabel  Abt Apr 1900South Dakota, USA IL8592
31 Braaten, Margie O   IL7966
32 Braaten, Ragnild  Abt May 1889South Dakota, USA IL8086
33 Braaten, Thomas  Abt 1903South Dakota, USA IL8589
34 Brown, Ardelle  1921South Dakota, USA IL7519
35 Brown, Bernelle  11 Jan 1928South Dakota, USA IL7516
36 Brown, Orlin  3 Feb 1937South Dakota, USA IL7659
37 Brown, Verdys Ione  15 Mar 1924South Dakota, USA IL7592
38 Carlson, Lawrence   IL9369
39 Caudle, Bonnie   IL9526
40 Caudle, Carroll   IL9602
41 Caudle, Harold   IL9474
42 Caudle, Marjorie   IL9531
43 Christensen, LaVerne Ernest  19 Aug 1917South Dakota, USA IL1559
44 Clark, Ethel I   IL7691
45 Clark, Harry A   IL7760
46 Cleaveland, Ruth F   IG397
47 Dahl, Helen E  Abt 1920South Dakota, USA IL8184
48 Dahl, Nina   IL7726
49 Dragsten, Ardes  19 Mar 1924South Dakota, USA IL8401
50 Dragsten, Irene   IL8403
51 Dragsten, Monroe  8 Aug 1919South Dakota, USA IL8400
52 Dunkelberger, Dorothy M   IL10487
53 Dunkelberger, Frances J   IL10160
54 Dunkelberger, Lois I   IL10401
55 Dunkelberger, Mildred I   IL10250
56 Erickson, Alma   IL8691
57 Erickson, Edward  Abt 1914South Dakota, USA IL8748
58 Erickson, Esther   IL8958
59 Evanger, Alvin Kenneth  15 May 1915South Dakota, USA IL6654
60 Evanger, Thomas Severin  Abt Apr 1891South Dakota, USA IL6655
61 Fedt, Anna  Apr 1894South Dakota, USA IL8035
62 Fedt, Christian  Abt Apr 1896South Dakota, USA IL8036
63 Fedt, Christine  2 Mar 1913South Dakota, USA IL8071
64 Fedt, Clarence Oliver  24 Jan 1911South Dakota, USA IL8070
65 Fedt, Emma Marit  Abt Jun 1886South Dakota, USA IL8037
66 Fedt, Ludelle   IL8167
67 Fedt, Mabel  12 Oct 1907South Dakota, USA IL8002
68 Fedt, Marilyn   IL8168
69 Fedt, Minnie Margaret  20 Feb 1907South Dakota, USA IL8300
70 Fedt, Ole H  Abt Jul 1899South Dakota, USA IL7829
71 Fedt, Oscar N  10 Oct 1894South Dakota, USA IL8034
72 Fedt, Thomas  Abt Dec 1890South Dakota, USA IL7831
73 Fenner, Bryce Kelly  30 Jan 1956South Dakota, USA IL7819
74 Fjerstad, Burnie O   IL10138
75 French, Anna  Abt 1903South Dakota, USA IG2676
76 French, Cassie  Abt 1901South Dakota, USA IG2368
77 Gibbs, Martin Alonzo (Lon)  Abt Sep 1897South Dakota, USA IG10402
78 Gullickson, Allesa  Abt 1908South Dakota, USA IL6436
79 Gullickson, Alvin C   IL6248
80 Gullickson, Anna  Abt Mar 1900South Dakota, USA IL6290
81 Gullickson, Emma L  Abt 1901South Dakota, USA IL6251
82 Gullickson, Leo B  Abt 1902South Dakota, USA IL6287
83 Hanson, Alice M   IL8146
84 Hanson, Alma J   IL8150
85 Hanson, Alvina P   IL8151
86 Hanson, Edward  Abt 1928South Dakota, USA IL8153
87 Hanson, Helen M  Abt 1937South Dakota, USA IL7958
88 Hanson, James A  Abt 1930South Dakota, USA IL8239
89 Hanson, Lou Ann   IL8152
90 Hanson, Theodore L  Abt 1934South Dakota, USA IL7960
91 Hanson, Vida M   IL8155
92 Hatlestad, Gina  Abt Jul 1891South Dakota, USA IL10332
93 Hatlestad, Lewis  Abt Oct 1884South Dakota, USA IL10245
94 Hatlestad, Sever  Abt Mar 1881South Dakota, USA IL10293
95 Helgeson, Agnes   IL7241
96 Helgeson, Ella G  Abt Feb 1896South Dakota, USA IL7403
97 Helgeson, Gertie  Abt Mar 1900South Dakota, USA IL7404
98 Helgeson, Henry  Abt Mar 1891South Dakota, USA IL7401
99 Helgeson, Ingvald  Abt 1903South Dakota, USA IL7426
100 Helgeson, Melvin  Abt 1907South Dakota, USA IL7425

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Berg, Ingvald Edward  28 Aug 1930South Dakota, USA IL8532
2 Brown, Oliver H  5 Dec 1973South Dakota, USA IL6391
3 Cragwick, Malina  5 Dec 1970South Dakota, USA IL2314
4 Erickson, Martin  10 Jun 1962South Dakota, USA IL8900
5 Fedt, John  25 May 1896South Dakota, USA IL8229
6 Fedt, Nils Halvorsen  15 Dec 1903South Dakota, USA IL8376
7 Johnson, Gilbert  Nov 1956South Dakota, USA IL10159
8 Knudtson, Gilbert  1924South Dakota, USA IL8039
9 Rovang, Baby Boy  Aug 1931South Dakota, USA IL7920
10 Rovang, Baby Girl  4 Dec 1935South Dakota, USA IL8536
11 Rovang, Isabelle O  23 Jun 1990South Dakota, USA IL1818
12 Shelsta, Lillian Christina  18 Jan 1988South Dakota, USA IL1769
13 Skullerud, Guttorm  Abt 1894South Dakota, USA IL4323
14 Tobin, Mary Elizabeth  1961South Dakota, USA IL8779


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brekhus / Ostrem   FL987
2 Miracle / Yorty  Abt 1915South Dakota, USA FG34