Texas, USA



Latitude: 31.1667, Longitude: -98.925


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 _____, Ada P  1883Texas, USA IL2586
2 _____, Bessie   IS1346
3 _____, Elizabeth  Abt 1878Texas, USA IS1083
4 _____, Irene   IE1294
5 _____, Mildred   IS231
6 _____, Sallie Mae   IS1096
7 _____, Virginia   IL2570
8 Alley, Ruth  15 Dec 1892Texas, USA IE3074
9 Antill, Arlette Marie  Abt 1903Texas, USA IE3545
10 Arthur, Lloyd Jefferson  19 Nov 1906Texas, USA IS1062
11 Benton, Allen T   IS339
12 Benton, Arthur R  Abt 1904Texas, USA IS258
13 Benton, Carrie M   IS336
14 Benton, Lillian  Abt 1907Texas, USA IS259
15 Benton, Minnie Gertrude  16 Jun 1924Texas, USA IS334
16 Benton, Othra W  Abt 1902Texas, USA IS335
17 Benton, Rex H  Abt Jan 1882Texas, USA IS295
18 Benton, Sadie P   IS337
19 Benton, Tommie Lee   IS1202
20 Black, Martha Elizabeth  24 Nov 1853Texas, USA IS97
21 Booker, Roxie  2 Jun 1911Texas, USA IE3584
22 Brittain, Addie Maud  16 Jan 1870Texas, USA IE4009
23 Brittain, Irene Posey  Abt Oct 1873Texas, USA IE3918
24 Brittain, Julia  Abt Feb 1900Texas, USA IE3922
25 Brittain, Pat R  Abt 1927Texas, USA IE4007
26 Brittain, Patterson Chalmers  2 Nov 1872Texas, USA IE4005
27 Brookfield, John  Abt Mar 1892Texas, USA IE3114
28 Brookfield, Rachel  Abt Mar 1895Texas, USA IE3115
29 Brookfield, Rayner  Abt Jan 1899Texas, USA IE3117
30 Brookfield, Virginia  Abt Sep 1896Texas, USA IE3116
31 Brown, Dorothy Blanche  1912Texas, USA IE3991
32 Brown, Herman  Abt 1893Texas, USA IE62
33 Bunnell, Arthur  Jul 1884Texas, USA IE1032
34 Bunnell, Elizabeth (Bess)  Jul 1879Texas, USA IE1033
35 Bunnell, Frank  Jul 1887Texas, USA IE1034
36 Bunnell, Mamie B   IE1026
37 Bunnell, Mary E  Abt 1882Texas, USA IE404
38 Bunnell, Summer  Abt Oct 1889Texas, USA IE1035
39 Buse, Murphy  4 Oct 1881Texas, USA IE3990
40 Cain, Jack D  Abt 1894Texas, USA IE3176
41 Carlton, Charles Earnest  20 Nov 1905Texas, USA IE220
42 Carson, Daphne  15 Sep 1918Texas, USA IE2450
43 Clayborn, Earl Logan  20 Jul 1907Texas, USA IS1173
44 Clayborn, Savannah  Abt 1904Texas, USA IS1232
45 Cook, Grace Lorene  13 Jun 1914Texas, USA IL3695
46 Copelin, Cora Ana  Abt 1889Texas, USA IL7023
47 Craft, Ada  Abt 1867Texas, USA IL2808
48 Craft, Barton  Dec 1876Texas, USA IL2845
49 Craft, Charles  Abt 1869Texas, USA IL2638
50 Craft, Claudia  Dec 1896Texas, USA IL2621
51 Craft, Delia  14 Apr 1880Texas, USA IL2603
52 Craft, Hana  Abt 1863Texas, USA IL2810
53 Craft, Howard  Abt 1880Texas, USA IL2856
54 Craft, Jennie  Abt 1870Texas, USA IL2806
55 Craft, John  Abt 1868Texas, USA IL2807
56 Craft, John D  Abt 1877Texas, USA IL2761
57 Craft, John Samuel  28 Aug 1840Texas, USA IL2843
58 Craft, Joseph  Abt 1872Texas, USA IL2858
59 Craft, Russell  Abt 1875Texas, USA IL2857
60 Craft, Shelby  Feb 1873Texas, USA IL2620
61 Craft, Texas M  Jun 1855Texas, USA IL2846
62 Craft, Wiley B  Abt 1875Texas, USA IL2592
63 Craft, William Eugene  Abt 1863Texas, USA IL2794
64 Craft, Willie  Abt 1865Texas, USA IL2809
65 Cravey, Molly  May 1874Texas, USA IS311
66 Cravy, Ethel Lavina  Abt Feb 1896Texas, USA IS581
67 Cravy, May  Abt Aug 1890Texas, USA IS583
68 Duke, Jackson Edward  21 Apr 1870Texas, USA IE4008
69 Duke, Jackson Edward Jr  Abt Jul 1894Texas, USA IE4010
70 Durrett, Florence  Abt 1899Texas, USA IE966
71 Durrett, Lillian  Abt 1889Texas, USA IE786
72 Durrett, Lucile  Abt 1896Texas, USA IE967
73 Earle, Annie Eliza  5 Apr 1863Texas, USA IE3463
74 Easley, Alice  Jun 1892Texas, USA IE27
75 Easley, Bessie  5 Dec 1889Texas, USA IE355
76 Easley, Bessie E  Jul 1887Texas, USA IE142
77 Easley, Dicie  Abt 1879Texas, USA IE3606
78 Easley, Elizabeth  Aug 1894Texas, USA IE927
79 Easley, Florence  26 Sep 1863Texas, USA IE512
80 Easley, Grace  1 Aug 1908Texas, USA IE29
81 Easley, John Allen  15 Oct 1866Texas, USA IE1023
82 Easley, John Allen  12 Sep 1906Texas, USA IE260
83 Easley, John M  Abt 1874Texas, USA IE3454
84 Easley, Mary Susan  19 Nov 1904Texas, USA IE266
85 Easley, Orpha  Abt 1877Texas, USA IE3287
86 Easley, Philip Jefferson  Abt Mar 1886Texas, USA IE3500
87 Easley, Robert B  Abt Mar 1884Texas, USA IE3597
88 Easley, Samuel Allen  27 Jun 1887Texas, USA IE531
89 Easley, Simon P  Abt Feb 1881Texas, USA IE3742
90 Easley, Sloan  1 Apr 1863Texas, USA IE41
91 Easley, South Carolina (Southie)  1860Texas, USA IE511
92 Easley, William P  Abt Feb 1888Texas, USA IE3372
93 Eubank, Louis Bransford  30 Jan 1863Texas, USA IE100
94 Eubank, Louis C  Jan 1897Texas, USA IE928
95 Eubank, Walter  Abt 1873Texas, USA IE4004
96 Evans, Clarence  1 Aug 1901Texas, USA IS890
97 Evans, Cleburne  Abt 1906Texas, USA IS897
98 Evans, Elavisa  Sep 1896Texas, USA IS243
99 Evans, Gracie  Abt 1908Texas, USA IS818
100 Evans, James  Sep 1897Texas, USA IS242

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bomar, Louise Erwin  Abt 1914Texas, USA IE2075
2 Brittain, Jabez Llewellyn  3 Sep 1902Texas, USA IE4013
3 Bruce, Elizabeth  1842Texas, USA IE3947
4 Daugherty, George Washington  18 Mar 1936Texas, USA IS727
5 Easley, Bessie  22 Feb 1891Texas, USA IE355
6 Easley, Bessie E  15 May 1889Texas, USA IE142
7 Easley, Caroline  Abt 1905Texas, USA IE844
8 Easley, Mary  1953Texas, USA IE843
9 Easley, Samuel Allen  27 Jun 1887Texas, USA IE531
10 Easley, Sloan  6 Mar 1864Texas, USA IE41
11 Eubank, John B  Abt 1879Texas, USA IE4001
12 Evans, Rhoda  6 Mar 1864Texas, USA IE3941
13 Faught, Emeline  1845Texas, USA IE3916
14 Goff, Shirley Ann  8 Oct 2010Texas, USA IS845
15 Henslee, Margie Delle  10 May 2012Texas, USA IS975
16 Hupy, Laurie Marie  13 Aug 2010Texas, USA IG7163
17 King, Elizabeth  15 Dec 1874Texas, USA IE255
18 McEntyre, Marcia Ruth  17 Aug 2008Texas, USA IE3825
19 McGee, Ada Belle  25 Oct 1933Texas, USA IS1244
20 Oldham, Ann Eliza  Abt 1859Texas, USA IE3956
21 Posey, James P  3 Jan 1861Texas, USA IE3951
22 Scott, Joseph  1832Texas, USA IE3946
23 Stiles, William W  24 Jun 1889Texas, USA IL2536
24 Wilcox, Charles G  29 Aug 1867Texas, USA IE3975


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Caudle / Simpson  Abt 1930Texas, USA FL3655
2 Graves / Wilcox  1908Texas, USA FE2647
3 Keller / Antill  Abt 1922Texas, USA FE1289
4 Matney / Lintz  1911Texas, USA FS494
5 Warren / Dunn  1910Texas, USA FS302